Sam’s Bio

Hi, My name is Sam and I am 51 years old. I first found out about this island through a friend and it piqued my interest, because who wouldn’t want to own a bit of a tropical island? I do not own any real estate and so buying this share will be my first and probably last glimmer of property ownership.

This opportunity came at a good time as my optimism was high because Bitcoin was rising and so I decided I would sell a bit of my Bitcoin to buy a share because as all the experts say ‘diversify diversify diversify’. So long term I see this as an investment.

Short term I see this as a fun group to be involved in, a chance to camp out on a patch of paradise and maybe even an opportunity to find some work if my finances take a plunge. I have been watching each stage of the process from afar, when my life is quiet I watch very closely when it’s busy, not as much. It is heartening to see though that through the collective of people the enthusiasm and passion for this project is not waning.

I am originally from New Zealand but have spent a few decades in Australia raising a family and working. I am now a retired nurse/naturopath with my previous main field being in clinical trials. I am currently long-term traveling and am so far based in SE Asia where I can focus on doing what I love best – art, reading, contemplating life and the universe and partying.

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