The Principality of Islandia was officially founded on 21 March 2018 with the express purpose of governing the island purchased by its founders and citizens. A pure democracy, all investors have one vote in important matters of state.

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"We, Who Dared"

Full Country Title

The Principality of Islandia

National Motto

“We, Who Dared”

Upper House

The 7 members of the board of directors of the corporate entity
In charge of the day to day dealings of and running of the legal entity.

Head of State

His Royal Excellency Prince Regent Marshall 1st of Islandia

Born in New York City, Marshall Mayer travelled extensively before arriving at Islandia. He studied history and languages, worked for almost a decade in global commerce, and founded a humanitarian company providing disaster relief in the Philippines. The Principality of Islandia is the sixth country that Prince Marshall has called home.
“Islandia is one of the great experiments in human ingenuity and I am humbled to be at its helm.”

Lower House

The current paid-up members and investors in the legal entity.
The provisional Head of Government was voted for by paid-up members/shareholders

Prime Minister

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Jodie Hill

Democratically elected leader of Islandia’s government, Prime Minister Jodie Hill has a background in business and law. Born in Lancashire, England, a decade of entrepreneurship led her to a partnership in a London-based commercial and legal advisory firm. Now as Prime Minister of Islandia, Jodie is able to apply extensive professional experience to a position that embraces her passion for travel, while offering a welcome contrast to corporate life.
“I am excited to lead this team of talented and adventurous individuals to create something unique.”

Government Ministers

Minister of State Affairs

Alon Winnie

As coordinator of state affairs, culture, and exaltation, Islandia’s Minister Plenipotentiary Alon Winnie plays a leading role in nurturing the fledgling nation’s character. Alon, formerly of the United States, is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and through years of travel and study has developed a passionate interest in global cultures.

“I have always been disturbed that nationality, an accident of birth, controls and limits the opportunities of so many. I’m excited to explore the concepts of democracy and nationality as we build this Principality of Islandia.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Marko Moudrak

Islandia takes a non-partisan approach to global politics, treating all other nations on this planet as friends and neighbours. Minister of Foreign Affairs Marko Moudrak has visited many of these neighbours firsthand, through his professional work in geological engineering, and more recently, as a tour guide and photographer. In his role as Minister, Marko Moudrak will seek to forge enduring links while maintaining Islandia’s relationships overseas.

Islandia shows that a diverse group of people can work together to build a paradise.
Estelle Sadler

Attorney General

Estelle Sadler

Arriving in Islandia by way of a private practice in London, Attorney General Estelle Sadler is a qualified solicitor with many years of experience offering legal advice and litigation services. She specialises in large international disputes, and is able to call upon a wealth of experience as she develops the constitution, civil charters and judicial structure of Islandia.
I am delighted to be first Attorney General of the Principality of Islandia, and give my service in creating the foundations of law and democracy in our fair land.
Richard Morton

Minister of Information

Richard Morten

Richard Morten was born in Oxford, England, and studied music and psychology before undertaking a PhD focussed on the phenomenon of ‘dark tourism.’ As Minister of Information for the Principality of Islandia, his duties are those of archivist, scribe, and head of media liaisons.
“They say if you want a job done well, do it yourself. In that spirit, Islandia is both a timely critique and a welcome antidote to contemporary Western democracy.”
Ian Chow

Minister of Business and Commerce

Ian Chow

The development of Islandia’s economy will be a key priority, particularly during the early, foundational years of independence. As Minister of Business and Commerce, Ian Chow provides expert guidance and a strategic approach which has been honed over the course of a career working in sustainable development roles for the UN Association and other major organisations.
“Islandia represents an opportunity like no other, and I believe that by implementing sustainable practices we can build a nation that is truly self-sufficient.”
David Pascoe

Minister of Technology and Communication

David Pascoe

As a nation born to the digital age, Islandia places great significance on the role of technology and communications. Minister David Pascoe, a New Zealander by birth, has specialised for a decade in the implementation of information systems. Now he applies those same skills to ensuring that Islandia’s technological offerings are the very best they can be.
The idea of Islandia is one that greatly appeals to me. Founded by fellow travellers, sharing their experiences and culture to mould a small piece of paradise. A place that is always welcoming.

Minister of Culture

George Martin

Born and raised in the English countryside, George spent most of his adult life working in journalism. Now serving as Minister of Culture for the fledgeling Principality of Islandia, he is responsible for nurturing our people’s creativity and diversity; so that our nation might better express the dream that inspired its creation.
“My two great passions are discovering new places, and exploring the past. As Islandia’s Minister of Culture, I hope to play my own small part in creating a new place for others to discover, and new history for us all to explore.”


Those that have paid their registration fee and have been accepted as citizens of the nation.

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