The Principality of Islandia was officially founded on 21 March 2018 with the express purpose of governing the island purchased by its founders and citizens. A pure democracy, all full citizens have one vote in important matters of state. While the founding documents allow for a triarchy of Grand Princes and Princesses, they exist merely as figureheads and a democratically elected ministerial government holds all executive and legislative functions. While our government’s own website is under construction, we offer here a brief overview of our fledgling state.

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National Flag

Full Country Title

The Principality of Islandia

National Anthem

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National Motto

“We, Who Dared”

Head of State

His Royal Excellency Grand Prince Regent rules as provisional Head of State until a permanent constitution is agreed.

marshall headshot 1

Grand Prince Regent Marshall the First

Head of Government

The Right Honorable Prime Minister Jodie Hill

Type of Government

Constitutional monarchy governed by a provisional, transitional constitution.

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