Let’s Buy An Island (“LBI”) is an international community of like-minded investors and travellers committed to supporting a unique island environment that provides much of the benefits of owning your own island, but in a much more affordable way. In late 2019 we achieved our goal of buying our first island. The next phase is to turn it into a profit making enterprise, and plan our next projects.

IBG Inc. (“IBG”), the corporation behind the LBI project, was created to make this dream a reality. Registered in the Cayman Islands and managed by a global team of tourism and business professionals, IBG has a broad mandate to now develop the island that we have purchased We are dedicated to creating a socially responsible, eco-friendly, self-sustaining island property designed to rent to travelers who can visit, live, relax and enjoy the solitude of nature, and the joy of staying on your own. private island.. The aim is to also make this a profit making enterprise.

Investment in a private island is an investment in the value of the property, but also in a lifestyle opportunity to have a private island getaway for its owners.

Gareth Johnson

— Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Chairman of the Board

Gareth Johnson is the founder and CEO of an adventure travel company. He first conceived the idea of Let’s Buy An Island over 10 years ago, and has spent that time fine tuning the idea, until its launch in 2018. We believe his successful career as an online entrepreneur makes him the ideal candidate to bring this project to fruition.

Marshall Mayer

— Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of the Board

Born in New York City, Marshall Mayer travelled extensively before joining Gareth in the Let’s Buy An Island project. He studied history and languages, worked for more than a decade in global finance and commerce, and founded a humanitarian company providing disaster relief in the Philippines. He is thrilled to build and grow this business to its full potential.

Jodie Joyce

— Director of Investor Relations / Prime Minister of the Principality of Islandia

Jodie Joyce has a background in business and law. Born in Lancashire, England, a decade of entrepreneurship led her to a partnership in a London-based commercial and legal advisory firm. Jodie is able to apply extensive professional experience to a position that embraces her passion for travel, democracy and running successful businesses.

Alon Winnie

— Minister of State, Principality of Islandia

Alon is the Principality of Islandia’s coordinator of all state affairs. Alon Winnie plays the leading role in nurturing the nation’s character and operation. Alon, formerly of the United States, is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and through years of travel and study has developed a passionate interest in global cultures.

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