How We Did It

Return on Investment

The Principality of Islandia is a micronation experiment within the greater IBG project. We plan to use our island paradise to forward our own ideals of democracy, inclusion and sustainability. We will do this in a manner that is in keeping with, and enhances the laws of our host nation.
The Principality of Islandia is run by the IBG Inc. board and other volunteer Ministers who are experts in their fields. Ministers are appointed from our cohort of paid up shareholders.
The provisional Head of Government was voted for by paid-up shareholders and runs a committee of shareholder volunteers. Each an expert in their field, these volunteers are committed to the success and profitability of the venture.

Key Facts About the Principality of Islandia

Provisional Head of State of Islandia – His Royal Highness (HRH) Prince Regent Marshall Meyer (since February 11th 2018)

Proclamation of the Principality of Islandia – February 11th 2018 (National Day)

Head of Government of the Principality of Islandia – The Right Honorable (TRH) Prime-Minister Jodie Hill (since February 15th 2018).


Islandia’s citizens are comprised of its investors, customers, and supporters from around the globe. Citizenship is a great way to support the project, get the insider deals as we begin offering the island for rent (and other great products!), and stay on top of everything else we’re up to!

We had some broad criteria when looking for our perfect island. The criteria, and the ultimate island, were chosen by chosen by our paid up investors.We have since purchased our perfect island (that fit our criteria). When you join the project you automatically own part of this island.

Year round accessibility

A considerable distance from other developed areas​

Nearby natural attractions or activities

Tropical or subtropical climate

Abundant flora on the island, and fauna in the surrounding waters

Developed or space for easy development

Access to fresh water

Some elevation in case of storms

Business-friendly local laws

Are you ready to join us?