Cas Caye Hopkins, Belize $350,000

Little Channel Caye is a smaller, cleared island that sits well within budget. The price is likely to be negotiable.


Cas Caye is about an hour outside Hopkins, 1.5 hours from Placencia by boat. It sits alone, not in a chain of islands, and has views in every direction to show for it!

What is around the island?

Mostly open sea! The island itself is fully covered in mangroves, and needs some serious work to get it to a buildable state. However, included in the price above is that the owner will clear the island and fill it for us! That takes a large cost variable off the table and would give us a cleared, clean slate to work off of right away.  Furthermore, there is ample area by the island to dock boats of all sizes, as well as to build our beautiful private beaches.

Nearby the island still sits the Barrier Reef, and the Blue Hole is a couple hours away by boat. Cas Caye is both truly isolated and convenient, in a rare combination.

How big is the island?

The island is 1.1 acres (0.45 hectares), not inclusive of the 66 foot (20 metre) setback for all water properties, which results in a lot more land than advertised. In this case, with the setback we are looking at about 2.6 acres (1.05 hectares).

Is there any infrastructure?

Nope! We would be looking at reasonable costs to build, however, we would have this island cleared and filled prior to taking ownership, included in the purchase price, giving us a clean slate to build on.

Are we buying the island?

Only if you all vote for it!

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