Exploring Islandia and Belize

Once again the Principality of Islandia teamed up with Young Pioneer Tours to take people both to our island, but also to explore Belize. 

And yes we will be running the same tour next year, which you can read about here.

Stating on Coffee Caye

What more can we say about staying on Coffee Caye, or rather ground zero for Islandia. Once again we managed to stay overnight camping, but this time we got two really enjoy the beach after the island had recently had a big clean up. 

There really is nothing better than being able to chill, relax and stay on an island that you own.

You can read about becoming a citizen here.

Of course our plans are sail to develop the island, but as always these are things that take some time. 

Visiting the neighbors – Belize 

Alas a deserted island does not warrant a one week stay, so we also explore the amazing country that is Belize. 

It really does have everything to offer from helicopter rides, to mayan ruins and of course some of the best diving in the world. Although without the need for a sub.

The trip was also about much more than that, with many of the guests being owners, as well as a few citizens of the island. In the end that is a core part of this project that we hold so early in our hearts. It is  community and we want our community ti enjoy their island and the country that surrounds ir.

And with this trip being so successful the plan of course is to organize some more. So, keep watching both our site, as well as that of YPT for exciting tours to Islandia and Belize.