Foreign relations of the Principality of Islandia

The Let’s Buy An Island Project has been a somewhat complex and multifaceted thing. The initial aim was to get a group of people together and crowd fun buying an island, anywhere!

Whether the island was in the Caribbean, or somewhere else, we did not care, what we wanted to do was buy an island. Well, we succeeded! And we became the first ever group to ever crowdfund buying an island, in no less than the Caribbean. Yet this was not our only plan.

Creating our own the nation – The Principality of Islandia – was another one on our list.

Before we even had an island, we voted on a government system (Principality), a name (Islandia) and a Prime Minister (there have been two elections).

We thus became an online nation, a micro nation, a cybernation, or whatever name you want to give it, but with democratic. It may seem quirky, it may seem weird to some, but this is not new. Our model nation now has land and it is run on democratic principles. Some might argue that it is far more democratic than the nations many of us call home. This is a project that our founders and members believe in and one that we will endeavor to see to success.

Foreign Relations of the Principality of Islandia

Currently our foreign relations are at a bit a minimal, we have raised our flag on Sealand (a great honor) and even raised it in Bir Tawil, although for various reasons have decided to be one of the only people of our sort on earth to have decided not to claim Bir Tawil. That being said, seeing as we have already been there, we do reserve the right to actually claim it.

So, if you’d like to have relations with our fledgling nation, please get in touch, we are happy to exchange relations and support all good like-minded people out there!