Little Channel Caye Hopkins, Belize $199,000

Little Channel Caye is a smaller, cleared island that sits well within budget. The price is likely to be negotiable.


Little Channel Caye is about an hour from Hopkins and1.5 hours from Placencia by boat. It sits next to the big Channel Caye, which is uninhabited but also for sale (albeit at a much bigger price tag). There is one neighbour on the far side Channel Caye, with a single house. You can see the mountains of the mainland from the Caye, and we had about one bar of 3g service on our phones while out there.

There’s crystal clear water on one side and a deep, calm area of water that surrounds half the island, protected by Channel Caye.

The Channel Caye islands, looking out over the open ocean. Our one neighbour can be seen in the center, with Little Channel Caye tucked away in the top left corner of this photo.

How big is the island?

The island is 0.28 acres (0.11 hectares), smaller than is perhaps ideal but also not inclusive of the 66 foot (20 meter) setback for all water properties, which results in a lot more land than advertised. In this case, with the setback we are looking at about 1.19 acres (0.48 hectares) of land.

It’s worth noting that we also passed an island, Blue Ground, that is half the size, at 0.13 acres, and holds an impressive neighborhood of 5 homes. Though we could not land there, we did take some sneaky drone footage overhead to give you an idea of what kind of building can be done on a smaller property like this one, especially one with land upon which we can build so imminently.

Blue Grounds island, with five complete homes, sits on a property half the size of Little Channel Caye.

Is there any infrastructure?

Nope! Clean slate!

Are we buying the island?

Are we? You tell us!

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