Morgan’s Bio

Born in Brittany in August 1986, Morgan never really accepted the fact that his homeland, once one of the richest duchies in Europe, lost its independence when it was united with the Kingdom of France in 1532. As a child, he would often make plans to reclaim independence, turn the province into an empire and invade the rest of France and Benelux (better not mess with Germany, he thought). As he grew older, he realised that empires are out of fashion and forgot about this idea…

Until a strange English man came to him with a proposal: “let’s buy an island”, he said. “And declare independence”.

Morgan currently works for a consumer magazine in Paris, in which he writes about tourism, wine and home appliances (all you need to be happy). When he was approached by Gareth with the island project, he was actually in the process of buying a flat in Paris. A two-room flat for the price of the island, sacrebleu! Since he was going to be in debt for 20 years anyway, he decided to join the project. First of all, because it sounded fun, and also because he already had several friends on board, whom he had met on his Young Pioneer trips in Tibet, North Korea, Tchernobyl, the nice little country of Transnistria, Moldova, Cuba and Venezuela. This may be the only country in the world where the majority of the population visited North Korea. “We, who dared”.

When he’s not busy working 7 days a week, Morgan likes to read (SF and non-fiction), drink champagne, fall in love with the wrong girls, listen to black metal, play videogames and eat cheese. And most of all, he likes to travel the world (50 countries since he graduated, 7 years ago – aiming for 100 countries before he turns 50).

He can speak English better than most French people, but has a shitty accent. His German is not that good and mostly useless, as the vocabulary he knows mostly come from Rammstein songs. He can understand Spanish, though, which could be useful if the island of Islandia is bought in Central America. Ideally, this island would have a waterfall –Morgan loves waterfalls– and a white beach to have barbecues.

PS : He doesn’t usually talk about him in the third person, but is also not used to writing his biography. In the third person, it looks more official.