Sell your island with Lets Buy An Island

At Lets Buy An Island we were so obsessed with buying an island that we set up a group and crowdfunded doing so. Therefore we’d like to help you buy, or sell your island.

Why An Island sit now?

Currently we have sold just about all shares  in the first project, which was the purchase of Coffee Caye in Belize. 

You can read about Coffee Caye here.

Our first right now is obviously getting permits and building on the island, but we are also very much in the process of setting up LBI 2 – as in our second island.

People keep wanting to sell us islands!

When it comes to the buying and selling of islands though we have not only proved our worth, but have also got ourselves to the top of Google. This has meant that we regularly get people e-mailing us to buy their island, meaning they have clearly not read the website, but also that people trust us with their islands.

Thus an idea was born, but an idea we did not want to sully our main website with. The idea being us helping to sell your island, or buy your island. Good old island facilitators as it were.

Sell your island with International Islands!

Sell your island
Sell your island

We have now set up the website International Islands, separate from LBI, but very much linked.

This website will concentrate on islands that are under $1 million, although we do have at least one $25 million outlier in there. We will also publish interesting articles about some of the weirder islands out there.

The main point for us though is that we have a relationship with the buyer, or seller, rather than just being a faceless website. We feel this is important and lacking without her websites.

If you want to sell your island then check out International Islands here