The Financials

After research into private island prices and discussions with our early investors, we settled on the goal of 120 – 150 investors. For $400,000+ we will be able to purchase a beautiful, nicely situated island, pay for development and infrastructure, and ensure we can cover all of our operating costs while still keeping the dream alive for those without massive amounts of disposable income.

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The Target

Our overall target is 120-150 investors, raising $400,000+. Depending on the island that we choose, we expect approximately 60-70% of this amount to go towards the purchase price, and 30-40% to contribute to infrastructure, development, as well as legal fees and other overheads.

The Point of No Return

As soon as we reached 50 investors, the decision was made to proceed regardless of further investment. We currently have enough to purchase a small island in a number of beautiful locales. Further investment will simply increase our purchasing power and make our very own paradise slightly more paradisiacal.

The Legalities

One major part of our budget has been to invest in a Cayman Islands corporation operated and owned by its members and investors, run by a board of directors according to a corporate constitution, with all investors being protected by corporate law.

Return on Investment

No investment should be made unless the investor is comfortable with the numerous risks involved in any new business venture. While this project is very much a labour of love, and being able to show friends and family photos of our very own island may justify the expenditure required, we have also developed multiple revenue streams with the goal to return to our investors and not only recoup their initial investment, but also continue sharing in any gains for years to come.

First, we will develop the island into a unique turnkey vacation rental. Among our investors we have several successful travel industry entrepreneurs, hospitality industry experts, and a wealth of other fields and experiences that can contribute to making this a must-visit destination.

Second, through our micronation, the Principality of Islandia, we will generate revenue by selling everything from stamps to passports, as well as generating valuable marketing exposure for our island paradise.

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