A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Family Vacation Is All That You Need

The importance of the Air Quality Index (AQI) for summer vacations cannot be overstated. As families and travelers embark on their summer adventures, they often head to picturesque destinations where clean and fresh air is crucial to the experience.  By monitoring the AQI, vacationers can choose destinations like Hawaii with pristine air, plan outdoor activities […]

Can you buy an island in Palawan?

Can you buy an island in Palawan? The short answer is that YES you can and that it is extremely affordable – so much so that we very nearly did this ourselves. What the Palawan? Palawan is the name of an island in the Philippines, as well as an island group that make up its […]

Can you buy the Islands in Bougainville?

Bougainville might be one of the most troubled places on earth, but it is also one of the most beautiful, particularly with regards to islands in Bougainville. Can the said islands though be purchased and what is the infrastructure of the place like? Why the interests is the islands of Bougainville? At Lets Buy An […]

Visual Storytelling: The Transformative Power of Island Photography

In the realm of visual storytelling, few mediums possess the enchanting allure of island photography and videography. Through the lens of a camera and with the use of a video editor, islands become more than just geographical formations; they transform into captivating narratives that evoke emotions, capture cultures, and inspire wanderlust. The combination of landscape, […]

My First Visit to Islandia

    The whole idea of private islands is something that never sounded very appealing to me – well, private property in general. So why did I take an interest in a project that involved buying an island?   The Principality of Islandia was crowdfunded – that basically means a bunch of people gathered and invested […]

<strong><em>Islandia try to visit Bir Tawil</em></strong>

In 2019 The Principality of Islandia and our nascent democracy went to the only unclaimed piece of land on earth, Bir Tawil. Why why went there was multifaceted, but we ended up kidnapped, not claiming it, bur declaring it a protectorate. To read about us declaring Bir Tawil a protectorate click here . The 2019 […]

Exploring Islandia and Belize

Once again the Principality of Islandia teamed up with Young Pioneer Tours to take people both to our island, but also to explore Belize.  And yes we will be running the same tour next year, which you can read about here. Stating on Coffee Caye What more can we say about staying on Coffee Caye, […]

Island for Sale – Campbell Island – Hudson River – $550,000

International Islands have been contacted with regards to this excellent island for sale in the Hudson River that is a whopping 96,9 acres, has building permission, underwater rights and is just $550,000 negotiable.  To read about Lets Buy An Island click here (link to LBI).  About Campbell Island Hudson River From the owner; “A once […]

<strong><em>Islandia and Bir Tawil – 2022</em></strong>

Citizens of Islandia again visited Sudan and once again had the chance to meet the rulers of Bir Tawil, alas our 2022 trip was somewhat different to our one in 2019. This is the story of Islandia and Bir Tawil in 2022. To read about our 2019 trip click here. What is Bir Tawi Bir […]

Sell your island with Lets Buy An Island

At Lets Buy An Island we were so obsessed with buying an island that we set up a group and crowdfunded doing so. Therefore we’d like to help you buy, or sell your island. Why An Island sit now? Currently we have sold just about all shares  in the first project, which was the purchase […]